Bagshot, Surrey, UK   2011-09-05 17:48
Hi Jane it was great to meet you and Angus and of course your lovely family, we cant wait to pick up Stanley who will I am sure keep the Fehmarn flag flying for many years, see you both soon, Terry & Linda and of course Frankie xxx
Terry & Linda
Skicka e-post till Terry & Linda  Hemsida
Kinmel Bay, Conwy   2011-08-05 21:11
Hi Jane,

Hope you are all ok. Loui is fit and well.
Love from Sharon, Edward, Ben and Camshami Gang xx :)
Sharon Bateman
Skicka e-post till Sharon Bateman  Hemsida
   2011-08-05 21:11
Gör dina inköp på nätet via Det sparar du pengar på.
Sweden   2011-03-15 19:57
Thank You my dear friend for having us in your beautiful home. Wales always makes me happy, and you too! :D
Let me know when Fallon is ready to come to Sweden... ;-)
Isle of Man   2011-03-13 18:17
Hi Jane, I don't know if you remember me but I bought one of Saffy's first beautiful puppies (Fehmarn Secret Wish) or as we named her Kopper. I have been watching Crufts and suddenly wondered if you had a website and I found you!!! I hope that you are both well and the house (you were just about to move when I had Kopper) is looking fantastic. We are now living in the Isle of Man and Kopper loves it and has been admired by many who live over here. She is a fantastic dog and although she will be 11 this year she never slows down (I thought Border Collies had energy!!) And her favourite activity is catching rats whenever the opportunity arises. There are a couple of pictures of her on my facebook page if you would like to see her (Dell Rutter on facebook) It's lovely to have found you again Jane I don't know why I didn't look for a website sooner lol. Take care and thank you again for our lovely girl. Kind regards Kendell
Kendell Rutter
Skicka e-post till Kendell Rutter  
Harwich (Sweden otherwise...)   2011-03-13 11:15
Thank you Jane for your hospitality these days! Loved ALL your dogs but one in particular (you know wich one ;-) ) Hope to see you in Sweden, and I'll be sure to come back.
Finland (Rovaniemi, Lapland)   2011-03-06 00:44
Terve Jane! lovely websites! Hope you all are doing fine there. Lots of hugs to everyone! Can't wait my next visit there!

lots of !-marks.. :D

Valtteri is babbling huu,haa, i think he is trying to say hello too :D
Heidi Virta
   2011-02-10 00:11
what a lovely crew you have, they are a real credit to you and your hard work, love and devotion to them, loved looking at the site.
Skicka e-post till sheila  
denmark   2011-01-30 19:57
Hi jane.
So nice to see your HP, and the puppies and mother looks just so very very good :)
Skicka e-post till kate  
Durham, England   2011-01-30 01:18
Lovely website - super info and great photos. I am still waiting for my daughter to finish mine, so when I do, hope it is as good as this one. Hey - something we have in common - I was not allowed a dog while I was a child either and used to walk a neighbours Border Collie - we were deprived, weren't we, but have made up for it since! Kathy xx
Kathy Wilkinson
Skicka e-post till Kathy Wilkinson  
shropshire    2011-01-20 21:52
congratulations on the arrival of the new babies, like the website
anne & Meggie
anne speake
Skicka e-post till anne speake  
Germany   2011-01-20 15:01
Congratulation to the puppies !

And the pic on the startside is GREAT !

Skicka e-post till Andrea  Hemsida
Chester   2011-01-17 17:23
just found your web site Lovely welldone kidda love Sue :D
sue Holleron
Skicka e-post till sue Holleron  
sweden   2010-12-30 16:31
Good luck with youre coming litters :)
Rångsta, Björklinge, Sweden   2010-12-28 00:07
So happy to hear there are new Fehmarns on the way! Good luck with the upcoming litters and wishing you all the best in 2011!
Finland   2010-11-11 21:02
Hi Jane!
Congratulations! Great website and adorable pictures... :)

Tiina, Momo and rest of the family
Skicka e-post till Tiina  
Finland   2010-10-04 17:18
Hello Jane.

We have not met for a long time but hopefully we will meet in Crufts March 2011.

Lovely wep-site.

Jonna & Aapo & Felix

   2010-09-27 23:59
Hi Jane,
Great to see the site up and running. Great pics too. Speak soon.
Julie & Philip
Skicka e-post till Julie & Philip  Hemsida
Finland   2010-09-22 13:36
Hi Jane,
great web-site :) I love the cosy photos...
Hello from Jordy and Taffy!
Skicka e-post till Vuokko  
Piteå, Sweden   2010-09-18 22:10
Begins by praising the two new champions!
Then it's fun to surf around the website ..... many great shots by the way ;-)
Hope all is well with you and your dogs!
Hugs Diza
Disa Lindberg
Skicka e-post till Disa Lindberg  Hemsida
Uppsala, Sweden   2010-09-12 17:27
Now you gotta update! Two new Champions today! Congratulations! ;-)
Northern Ireland   2010-09-12 17:03
Hi Jane, Great to see the website up and running.Great pics and info. Keep it going!

Margaret and Eric
Eric and Margaret Armstrong
Skicka e-post till Eric and Margaret Armstrong  
Ruthin   2010-09-10 20:58
Nice one Jane! - Toby and Corrie say hi! (woof!!)
Dan and Sandie
Skicka e-post till Dan and Sandie  
Dudley   2010-09-10 19:54
Wonderful Jane. Look forward to seeing you soon.

Jem & Helen
Jem Thomas
Skicka e-post till Jem Thomas  
New Hartford, N.Y. USA   2010-09-10 18:34
Wonderful web site!!
Beautiful terriers.
A breeder who obviously knows what she is doing and cares about her dogs enough to care about who adopts them!!
Shirley M. Williams
Skicka e-post till Shirley M. Williams  
Uppsala, Sweden   2010-09-01 21:26
Hello! Nice new website. Since I am owner of border terrier from kennel Hellas (Hellas King for a Day) I will keep an eye on your site omnwards! ;-)
Lennart Bjorck
Skicka e-post till Lennart Bjorck