DARTMOUTH   2016-12-01 20:43
I have a very RARE 1985 mews magazine , called the METAL REPORT. It is a collectors item (vol 1, no 1). It features Lee Aaron on the cover and includes an article. If anyone is interested in purchasing this, please contact me at
Skicka e-post till Steve  
   2015-06-22 16:06
Looking forward to the new album. 11 years is to long to go without new music.
Brad Metz
Skicka e-post till Brad Metz  
   2014-04-18 02:22
I still have not found you an LP copy of "Some Girls Do" yet, it seems to be vhtf as I know another guy around here looking for it. He was quite surprised I found it. your site is the best! cheers!
   2013-07-10 22:10
Hey guys, have you heard about this cool Metal On Ice project Lee Aaron has gotten involved with. Check out for some sweet memorabilia and experiences!
Metal Rox
   2012-12-24 16:32
Nice tribute you have done to Lee Aaron. Great photo's especially. Brings back the good times and fun memories!
Tony A.
Skicka e-post till Tony A.  
   2012-12-21 01:58
I love you Lee Aaron! You're are absolutly beautiful!
Don Keebles
   2012-06-23 02:40
Hi Johan!
I finally made it over here from Facebook! The site is FANTASTIC! An amazing tribute. Great job! Love it!
Mark Payne
Skicka e-post till Mark Payne  
   2012-02-10 01:55
Very nice Lee Aaron tribute site. Much thanks for the photo credit. Cheers!
Ian Stanley
Skicka e-post till Ian Stanley  
   2011-12-09 02:41
Thanx... Johan !!
Mike Rizun
   2011-11-13 09:43
to Karen Greens with all my love my freind since 1984
thunderbay ont since i worked with you in torronto canada at massy hall
mike wilson
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