2017-07-13 04:00
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   2016-02-16 20:07
Looked at entries for two machines I have, Epson HX-20 and Amstrad PCW, and your details are not correct. Your email for corrections does not work.
Geoff Barnard
Skicka e-post till Geoff Barnard  
   2016-02-16 20:07
Gör dina inköp på nätet via Rabattkod.se. Det sparar du pengar på.
   2015-12-05 11:05
Please review and approve
Neha Ranut
Skicka e-post till Neha Ranut  Hemsida
   2015-06-17 10:31
Thanks for this site...loved to look those old vintage computers...
Skicka e-post till vinod  Hemsida
   2015-01-22 15:47
Good to look at all those old computers. Kudos..keep up the good work.
Sujith Kumar
Skicka e-post till Sujith Kumar  Hemsida
   2014-10-13 16:41
Does anyone have an Ericsson Portable PC (EPPC) that they would like to sell?
Skicka e-post till Sal  
   2014-08-07 23:08
Very detailed database with old computers. Keep up your great work.
Skicka e-post till Piotr  Hemsida
   2014-05-07 04:05
Hello. I have a Hyundai Super LT-3 in working order with the original MS-DOS manual from 1987. If there is any interest in this please reply. Thank you.
Skicka e-post till Jeremy  
   2014-02-21 03:23
I have a Compaq SLT/286 and it still works!
Skicka e-post till Gary  
   2012-11-02 21:45
I would like to get Toshiba T3200 Portable Reference Manual
Dan Stark
Skicka e-post till Dan Stark  
   2012-06-13 00:00
RE:Ericsson Portable PC

Michael S, or anyone else selling, I'm interested in buying an EPPC. Contact me with the email address provided.
Skicka e-post till Sal  
   2012-04-14 14:52
Ericsson Portable PC

I have a Ericsson Portable PC with printer in good condition and for sale.
Im from Germany
Michael S
Skicka e-post till Michael S  
   2011-09-01 22:37
thank for this web site, I love to look at all the old computers. I have self a collection, And many times when i will buy a PC i'm gonna look heir after then beacose ther is so many pictures.
Skicka e-post till Morten  
   2011-04-11 14:40
Canon BJ Notebook BN100C
kam 1994 auf den Markt
ich habe noch ein Gerät hier
grüße Gerhard
   2010-04-12 16:39

i just got a bee kbd days ago
i hav to find screen parts as scrn=
broken at back of crt, looing forward to geting this model going?

i have a pc 30 , igot 2nd-hand, nearly paid 3g for newy when they came out
***hint dont loose the kbd as it is not
swappable with the standard kbd
for the commodore pc 30 series at least ???***

any info that i can find for the b is good TQ TQ IN ADVANCE TO ALL

I have many other models of type/age +consoles
tq for now
hope this is of interest or helps?
Stewart R McQueen
Skicka e-post till Stewart R McQueen  
   2010-01-23 13:24
Skicka e-post till KATRIN JANSON  Hemsida
   2009-12-02 10:14

i still have a working Commodore PC 40 III.

I can make you some pictures or something. If you'd like.


Skicka e-post till Sebastian  Hemsida