2015-10-26 21:25
Diving in Alanya
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Göteborg   2014-03-22 22:21
Hello Patricia & Lars, glad ou liked the fotos. But the video will still take some more weeks to finish.
Leif Willman
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   2014-03-22 22:21
Gör dina inköp på nätet via Det sparar du pengar på.
   2014-03-22 16:42
Hello Leif, we are now also back from our trip to thailand :) You have made such wonderful fotos! especially the Sköldpadda (turtle) ;) Best wishes to sweden Patricia & Lars
Patricia & Lars
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Göteborg   2014-03-17 16:52
2014-03-17 Guestbook installed. :-)
Leif Willman
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